Grown for their showy foliage, rex begonias require lots of humidity. Categories . Zone de rusticité. Plante pour. Bulbes de tulipes Tropical plants top the list for what grows well in Zone 10. These indigenous plants will be well adapted to the local conditions and most likely to perform beautifully without much intervention. Cool season crops, including lettuces, radishes and peas, can be grown in Zone 10 during the winter with little fear of cold damage. Fleurs à bouquets Oiseaux - Ombre Paniers suspendus Papillons - Parfum Pots et jardinières Séchée - Soleil Sol acide - Sol alcalin Sol argileux Sols sableux Toxiques. The average winter low temperatures are between 30 and 40 degrees F, so freezing temperatures are typically not prohibitive to growing many plants in this zone. Often, the stamen is a different color than the rest of the flower, giving this plant its beautiful appearance. This means that on a really cold year, the coldest it will get is 30°F.On most years you should be prepared to experience lows near 35°F.. Below is a list of planting guides for Zone 10a. Articles. Zone 10 gardeners are in for a treat when they start selecting wildflowers. What Plants Can I Grow in Zone 10? This is a full list of shade plants that will survive a Zone 10 hardiness gardening zone. Additional Shade plants based on the gardening zone. This article will help with suggestions. Shade Gardening for Zone 10 Plants – Partial Shade & Full Shade. You may want ground hugging plants like pussytoes or statuesque beauties like goldenrod. Native Zone 9 Flowers: Choosing Wildflowers For Zone 9 Gardens. Apr 18, 2017 - Explore Abby D's board "Zone 10", followed by 225 people on Pinterest. Each plant contains two links providing growing information, watering needs, flower color, and when it blooms. Vegetables to Grow in Zone 10. Be sure to check the planting calendar for Zone 10 prior to digging in and remember to water often to keep your plants nice and hydrated under the strong sun. Therefore, they are often grown as houseplants in other growing zones, but they can be grown outside in zone 10. Rex begonia. There is a wide variety of sizes and colors from which to choose in zone 10. On the other hand, because of the warm temperatures, many plants are not viable during the typical Summer gardening season. Enjoy our photos. Zone 1 - Zone 2 Zone 3 - Zone 4 Zone 5 - Zone 6 Zone 7 - Zone 8 Zone 9 - Zone 10. The ample sun and warm temperatures of these regions are perfect for flowering plants. By Amy Grant. See more ideas about Plants, Planting flowers, Zone 10. USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 10 covers a much narrower geographical region than most other growing zones and is characterized by hot summers and mild winters. With few frosts, the high heat and humidity of summer can become a major concern for growers. When choosing zone 10 wildflowers, opt for those that are native to the region if possible.