You’d be better off simply removing the bolts altogether. In fact, if you are a long-time viewer of the night sky and have experimented with plenty of telescopes, you might find the sleekness and simplicity of the Z8 a refreshing change from the complexities of modern scopes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you’ve found yourself on this review, there’s a good chance that you’re someone who’s either looking to upgrade their small telescope setup to a device a lot more capable or maybe you’re looking to gift the system to someone else. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Overall, users of the device have found it to essentially be the complete package, unlike a Celestron, meade or orion that tend to always supply an incomplete package. It has an aperture of 12”, which is 4” more than that of the Z8, and has a great 1,500mm focal length. If the Zhumell Z8 doesn’t interest you, then maybe you’d find the Z10 more appealing. These three include a refractor system, a compound system and of course a reflector system. Zhumell Z10 Review (At $700 Is This Dobsonian System…, Orion Starblast 6 Astro Review (Is It Worth The Money?! Be sure to check out this video for an in-depth tutorial on how to use your Zhumell Z8: If the Zhumell Z8 doesn’t interest you, then maybe you’d find the Z10 more appealing. The Zhumell Z8 is an absolute must-have for beginner and intermediate astronomers, and we highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to start out. Of course being an 8 inch device does mean it won’t be great if you want travel with, particularly if you’re going abroad, but it’s a genuinely  good system and one a lot telescope aficionados wouldn’t mind recommending, including myself. This knob allows for precise focus at higher magnifications. While it’s not the cheapest telescope out there, especially considering that it’s an 8” Dob, it is one of the best for amateur stargazers. This means we may make a commission if you purchase an item using one of our links*. Since this is a relatively small telescope, and since it does not come with many high-tech features and add-ons, we recommend it to beginner astronomers, mostly. This focuser, like every other Crayford, rolls the drawtube of the focuser against 4 rollers, allowing for a more smooth and precise motion. If any of these apply to you, within this Zhumell Z8 review I’ll try to help you out in making a decision on the system, outlining the good, bad and other features that may make it worth investing $600+ for the device. This means the Zhumell Z8 is a reasonably fast telescope and will be more than capable at viewing both galaxies and planets. I use it almost exclusively from light-polluted suburbanskies surrounded by streetlights with occasional excursions to darkerskies. Next, we move on to the front cap, which is somewhat of a weak point for the Z8. The Z8 may not be the cheapest option for an 8” Dob out there, but it is certainly the best, particularly for beginners. We hope that you found this review helpful and that you’ll now be able to make an informed decision! All Rights Reserved. It features a 305mm (12”) parabolic lens that captures large amounts of light and produces bright and clear images. All in all the Zhumell Z8 is a genuinely good Dobsonian reflector and is a system that the more intermediate or even beginner level astronomers should look into and as long as you don’t mind regularly maintaining it and understand how to use software to view any particular celestial objects you want to view, it’ll be great for you. ==>Click Here To Check The Zhumell Z8’s Price On Amazon! How to Use Zhumell Z8 Reflector Telescope, Celestron Cometron 114AZ Telescope Review, Best Telescopes for Land Viewing: 2020’s Buying Guide, Best Affordable Telescopes Under $100 of 2020, Celestron NexStar 130SLT Telescope Review, Best Catadioptric Telescopes of 2020: Top Five Picks. Mirror lock bolts will shatter the mirror if you drop the telescope. This telescope’s primary mirror is made from Pyrex, so that it takes as little time to cool down as possible. But they look incomplete next to the Zhumell Z8. The Zhumell Z8 is a telescope that is recommended to beginners the most nowadays, whether you’re visiting an astronomy website or just browsing through r/Astronomy. All In all, the Dobsonian mount found on the Zhumell Z8 is among the better ones at its price range therefore, this may be one reason to pick the Z8 up. The magnification for these eyepieces are at 40x and 133x respectively. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. Specs: 1. Simply put the majority of individuals who’ve purchased the device have found it to be great. The dual-speed aspect of the focuser is a result of the 1:10 fine adjustment knob. The final Dobsonian telescope that we reviewed was the Zhumell Z12. So, the focuser is just a great addition as it allows for a precise viewing experience. What Does The Zhumell Being A Reflector Mean? Hopefully this review as helped you out in making your decision! There is also the azimuth bearing. ), 7 Best Handheld Telescopes For StarGazing, Zhumell Z10 Review (At $700 Is This Dobsonian System Worth It? A reflector is also cheaper than the other designs meaning you can get a larger scope for less money. The mount for the Z8 is assembled using a handful of screws and an Allen key, like most of the mass-manufactured Dobsonians out there. We mentioned earlier that the mirror cell has three ‘mirror lock’ bolts at the back. ), They don’t suffer from chromatic aberration, They’re great for viewing faint objects as all types of light can pass through the lenses. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Instead of using the lesser bearing system used on other devices such as plastic on Teflon with tension adjustment via springs, the Zhumell Z8’s bearings are ball bearings which can be adjusted for tension, and can slide along the tube for balancing. View from the front, with the 3secondary mirror collimation screws I’ve had the Zhumell Z8 for about one year. It is step up from the Z8 and comes at a higher price. In conclusion, the Zhumell Z8 is one of my favorite telescopes for people looking for a good, powerful telescopes. We’re going to be giving you a complete breakdown of this sleek telescope, its specs, and even some alternatives if the Z8 doesn’t tickle your fancy. Zhumell Z8 Deluxe Dobsonian Telescope Review Posted on April 1, 2020 November 23, 2020 by Lee Zhumell has built a reputation of being a reliable telescope builder that adds a lot of extras to their telescope kits of all price points so when I saw that they had made a mid-ranged Dobsonian telescope I leaped at the opportunity to check it out. It is slightly larger, with a greater aperture, slightly longer focal length, and can reach greater magnifications. Moreover, the azimuth bearing is also much improved as it uses a roller design over the typical Teflon laminate. For starters, the altitude bearings are basically identical to all other Dobsonians - rather than using plastic on Teflon with springs used for tension adjustment, or the washer/knob system that is used by Sky-Watcher, the bearings on the Z8 are ball bearings which can slide on the tube for balancing, and can be adjusted for tension.