Bismark Strand Distressed Wide Plank Solid Bamboo Flooring - Lifetime Warranty. The outer portions of our Birch floor planks have paler wood, while the inner parts have a rich brown to reddish heartwood. It doesn't matter how beautifully decorated a space is, if the flooring doesn't look great - the entire room isn't great. Our craftsmen take great pains to ensure that every board reflects your sense of style and that each plank can reveal its story and beauty. As you consider Birch flooring for your home or business, Carlisle is your best source for three reasons. Birch Maple Cherry Teak Walnut CLEARANCE Water Resistant ... > Wide Width Hardwood. Stir birch’s surprising durability into the mix and the result is an alluring option that will brighten and beautify any home. Leaving your Birch flooring unstained will bring out its natural and warm hues, but you may also wish to stain it to tie your flooring surface in with the rest of your space. Wide plank Birch hardwood floors use floorboards that may be 4-12” in wide. The main reason for this is because the wider planks are made from older growth trees which are more valuable. Yellow birch offers plank-to-plank variety that is virtually unmatched in other wood species. Birch flooring can be stained in a wide variety of colors. Vermont Plank Flooring offers two birch grades, select and character. The wider planks means each tree produces fewer planks. Talk with us today about your project. Birch flooring offers dramatic beauty that stands out in any home or business. Find Inspiration from Recent Birch Projects. The result, especially when compared to commercial flooring that uses boards 2 ¼” to 3” wide, is a floor that feels much less cluttered with seams and that allows the beauty and character of the wood to emerge as a stunning design feature. $2.92/SFT. Birch’s utilitarian properties have made it one of the most sought-after woods on the market. If you're searching for wide plank hardwood flooring to outfit your space, you're making a move in the right direction. We make it just for you.Our birch wide plank floors are made from Northern Yellow and Black Birch.These woods have beautiful grain and lustrous sheen. HSB10M5 Traditions Moonshine Birch Handscraped Light Grey Contemporary 3/8" 5" 47-1/4" 32.80 Micro-Beveled Glue Polyurethane with Aluminum Oxide Lifetime 5 Year In most cases, the wider planks tend to cost more than narrower planks. Choosing a Custom Floor with Carlisle Wide Plank Flooring. To filter, select one or multiple species. Birch flooring can be easily customized to suit the needs of any design aesthetic and to provide a unique and distinctive look for any space. All wood floors are susceptible to some scuffs, scratches, and dings, though some species are more resistant than others. It is a heavy, strong wood, with good crushing and shock resistance. There is a striking difference in color between the sapwood and heartwood of the yellow birch tree. Species. Not to be confused with laminate flooring, which utilizes a photographic representation of wood affixed to compressed particle board, engineered flooring is constructed of a layer of solid hardwood atop a layered base of plywood. And its natural aural resonance makes it sought after for everything from speaker cabinets to drumkits to guitars. The flooring is created from limbs and smaller tree trunks, which means the flooring lacks the interesting visual appeal of the plank flooring. Wide plank floors are often more expensive than narrower strip flooring products. Just amazingly beautiful premium character floors that speak of quality every time you enter the room. However, only true style icons know that the floor is an important part of the overall look of a room. Natural or stain? Birch floors are the perfect surface when you want… Request a quote on Flame Birch flooring for your home or business. We offer unparalleled service and expert guidance at every step of the process.