Vampire Nighthawk – three abilities for the cost of three mana is a good deal with this card and even negates the life lost on the lacerator. Not only because there are so many stupidly OP creatures in it, but mainly because it's the only deck in the xbox version that's actually tuned - and very well so too. Vampire Nighthawk. ... How about this comparison, Vampire Nighthawk vs Phyrexian Crusader. Vampire Nighthawk (WPN Foil) Promotional (S) 2/3 Creature - Vampire Shaman . Flying Deathtouch (Creatures dealt damage by this creature are destroyed. You can divide this creature's combat damage among any of the creatures blocking or blocked by it.) If infect was overpowered, or broken, it would be placing better at tournaments. A good kill but is overpowered … "Sorin's deck is ridiculously overpowered, it's a ****ing joke. Other Possibilities: There are plenty of cheap, efficient creatures out there. April 3, 2012 9:42 p.m. 1 . Nighthawk swings life total by 4 points each attack, he has flying, lifelink and deathtouch, all in an uncommon. squire1 says ... Not including the obviously overpowered early uncommons, I believe that lingering souls is one of the best simply because it is played in such a wide variety of styles in many different deck. My card choices are Bloodghast, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Vampire Lacerator and Vampire Nighthawk. Never quite got there in Standard, but luckily, we still have plenty of options for this card in Modern and Legacy. Vampire Nighthawk. Crusader has first strike and pro-red pro-white for a rare. I would find a different threat that does more for you. Vampire Nighthawk: It used to be pretty good, but in 2020 magic it just doesn't compare to other drops in the slot. ... – Black’s version of Shock. Aerial Responder never quite reached the levels of Vampire Nighthawk, thanks to overpowered Vehicles, but I always enjoyed including it, especially in decks with Odric, Lunarch Marshal from Shadows over Innistrad. The menace that was Faeries had just rotated out of Standard, we’d just been introduced to this strange, new (overpowered) world known as Zendikar, and Jund had taken its rightful place as the deck to beat of the new Standard format. Magic 2013 (M13) View All Versions. I'm convinced that it doesn't really matter what … Vampire Nighthawk won me so many games lol. 4 vampire nighthawk 4 vault skirge 3 phyrexian obliterator 1 grave titan 1 wurmcoil engine-21- creatures 25 swamp SB: 3 memoricide 3 phyrexian crusader (this was awesome) 2 mimic vat 2 consume the meek 1 sadistic sacrament 1 sword of war and peace 1 praetor’s grasp (this was awesome) 1 skinrender 1 go for the throat