This 30 day military athlete workout was designed to give you the grit and athleticism of our service men and women, along with the size of a bodybuilder. Start your workout with a barbell exercise like deadlift, for at least 5×5. Note: Perform the workout in a circuit fashion, using the ab training as your rest period from the jog. To make life a little bit easier and help keep you active during quarantine, all Hybrid Athlete training plans are pay what you can. Fts 6 week kettlebell training plan hybrid athlete juggernaut training free 6 week bodyweight training plan free infographic workouts Pics of : Hybrid Athlete Training Program The Autoregulated In Season Training Hybrid Program Type Workout Plan The 10 Week True Hybrid Athlete Online Program This program is designed to be done Mon-Fri or any 5 days of the week. The Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Hybrid Workout Plan for Strength and Size This intensive 6-week training program combines the best of powerlifting and bodybuilding science to build dense muscle and freak strength. Use a weight that is challenging, but enables you get all 5 reps with perfect form. The ultimate workout program to be an all-around athlete With a combination of strength training, hardcore conditioning work, and "pre-hab" movements to keep you operation at 100%, this five-day program will hone your mind and body into an athletic marvel. Program Type Workout Plan The 4 Week Online Hybrid Training program is a functional strength based program, designed for anyone that has access to a regular gym. Update: It looks like the next few weeks will be tough for everyone. Hybrid Performance Method provides accessible, affordable, and effective online workout programs to athletes of all skill and experience levels designed by Stefi Cohen. Our team is comprised of the highest level coaches in CrossFit It is a program that consist of powerlifting, bodybuilding, strength and conditioning, and high intensity interval training. THE HYBRID ATHLETE PROGRAMMING 5 ENDURANCE USAGE EXERCISE TR Tempo run- zone 3.5-4.0 - +/- 10% of race pace I/R Intervals/repeats- zone 4.0+ - Above race pace LSR Long slow run- … Next, move onto kettlebells, pull-ups, box jumps, or other movements that 8.)