Eligible for Free Expedited Shipping on … For ME2 and ME4. Microphone Windscreens, Mic-Muff's, Microphone Accessories ... Sennheiser Model e602 e604 e608 e614 e815 e825s e835 e845 e855 e865 e935 e945 ECM770 Evolution EW335 HMD224 HMD25-1 HS2 HSP2 HSP4 i15 i15 i30 i40 i40 MD106 MD110 MD200 MD202 MD21 MD211 MD214 MD22 The windscreen also excels in this particular field of performance, which is the reason why many live performers lean on it as their go-to instrument. The Sennheiser MZW-1 Foam Windscreen minimizes light wind and popping noise for the Evolution wireless and wired handheld microphones, and is designed to fit the SKM100, 300 and 500 handheld transmitters. Today I finally got a chance to work on this e835. $19 95. Replacement windscreen. Sennheiser 79252 Windscreen BK. Print. This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately. The Shure SM58 has the Sennheiser e835 beat when it comes to really loud and screaming vocals. Sennheiser MZW 02 Black. Most people will agree that Sennheiser e835 and Shure SM58 are two the most popular models of affordable and budget-friendly dynamic microphones. In Stock. B&H # SEMZW1 MFR # 004839. Sennheiser E835 I wanted to get a couple of easy priced dynamics that would be fairly versatile for performance and studio utility use. Sennheiser MZW-1 Foam Windscreen. The Sennheiser e835 doesn’t need that much EQ to sound great, while on the other hand, the Shure SM58 won’t sound as good UNTIL you EQ’d the track. Even though Sennheiser e835 is usually a little bit more expensive than Shure SM58 by several dollars or so, the price gap is largely marginal that people tend to consider them to be standing in the same price range. Available immediately. Free Shipping for this Item. Key Features. In Stock. Standard Delivery Times. e 835/e 835 S | 4/8 Operation Operation Holding the microphone If you cover the microphone head during transmission, this will change the pick-up pattern of the microphone and consequently the sound. Eligible for … WindTech Microphone Windscreen Size Chart . 21. The situation with Sennheiser’s E835 is not much different; it’s made of almost exactly the same materials, which provide it with almost the same level of durability. The frequency response is tailored for close miking (proximity effect). Add to Wish List. The Sennheiser e835 has a better mid-range and has a high-end boost, which makes it sounds warmer. £10.80. ... $11.46 List Price: $12.03 You Save 5% Place the MZW 4032 (optional accessories) windshield over the microphone head. 30 Reviews. Add to Cart. Brand: Sennheiser Model: e835 The e835 has a shockmounted capsule, a uniform on- and off- axis response, and a hum compensating coil. $19.95. Sennheiser's MZW 3-ew, a dark charcoal gray foam windscreen, is a replacement windscreen for the ME 3 headworn microphone found in the EW 152, EW 152 P, EW 352, EW 552 and EW 552 P systems. Compare. Fits Evolution Wired & Wireless Mics; See All Details. Microphone Specifications Add to Basket. I guess I could just buy the 57/58 Dynamic Duo, but I had a sing through a Sennheiser at a small gig the other day and it was an E825. Colour: Black. It is also available in an /s version with silent (lockable) on/off switch. I got the windscreen off and saw that one of the 3 brass contacts had detached itself from its proper position and was sitting on *top* of the element (the flat white-ish surface facing the right side of the attached picture). 3. More Details. Available immediately. Share.