Now, this is where I think their model falls apart. Today Scentbird, the subscription-based fragrance company, announced it has raised $18.6 million, one of largest Series A funding rounds secured by a direct-to-consumer brand led by a … The idea was born to make a business model similar to Warby Parker, but for perfume. Once I find a perfume I love and want to commit to in a bigger bottle, ScentBird doesn’t sell that. Warby Parker is a company that sells points on the principle of “try before you buy - try ... (note: well-known rounds and their investment in Scentbird can be overlooked at AngelList: scentbird-1). Addressing the persistent proboscis problem, subscription service Scentbird has cracked the code of the digital scent business by making purchases of fine fragrances affordable and convenient through 30-day supplies. I don’t know. It’s an amazing business model or not. Describing the Scentbird approach to wellness Nurislamova says, “Discovery is the cornerstone of our business model, and with wellness it was important for us to be able to help consumers navigate all—new ingredients and advanced technologies, from the comfort of their own homes.” Not fun. So, I have to go find this perfume only to realize that not all the perfumes they carry are … Like, what, is she drinking the fragrances? So, I feel like I literally went to all 12 Sephoras in Manhattan a few times a day. The Company enables its users and subscribers to choose and get supply of sample designer fragrances on a monthly basis before buying them. I asked my friends to do that. They knew… I felt like sales clerks literally recognized my face. They only sell the sample sizes. Many aspects of traditional business models are being challenged as direct-to-consumer (DTC) players like ScentBird start incubating and launching brands, or connected digital platforms put fragrance creation into the hands of a community of users. Scentbird, Inc. provides an online subscription services. In the absence of smell-o-cellphones, selling fragrances has been notoriously difficult to accomplish outside of physical locations. helpings. Long story short, we moved onto the new business model. . “We need to continue to expand the business model, but we think there’s a lot of opportunity in beauty to innovate and create a valuable business.” Scentbird specializes in $14.95 monthly sample boxes that allow customers to trial some 500 designer and niche fragrances in 8-ml.