All reviews are written honestly and without bias. While the Notebook 9 Pro’s build quality results in a hefty feel, it’s an illusion, as the system weighs only 4.5 pounds. Heat varies less than a few degrees, and none of the 15-inchers we’ve recently tested put out more than 39 decibels at idle. That’s identical to the Apple MacBook Pro 15, a bit more than the Dell XPS 15, and a bit less than the Asus Zenbook Pro UX501. Aspect ratio 16:9 Can charge with portable charger Display: LED LCD. While the Samsung’s ratio is good enough to retain some sense of vibrancy, the difference between it and its better rivals is obvious. This Samsung Notebook 9 Pro review is a pen’s-up. The fine tip makes it precise in hitting icons. RAM not upgradeable Storage: 256 GB (can swap to larger hard drive) 720p HD Webcam with microphone Samsung’s Dual Channel Memory (quickens multitasking, viewing, and rendering) Windows Hello facial recognition Modes: Outdoor, quiet, HDR mode for videos, 1 USB-C 2 USB 3.0 headphone, Micro SD HDMI Dimensions: 13.7 x 9.4 x 0.7 inches (15) 12.21″ x 8.54″ x 0.63″ (13). Most thought the speakers were just OK. lightweight can charge via portable charger (not included) via USB-C well-built value fast, smooth Wacom EMR, S Pen included, Must remember to put pen in silo the right way or can get stuck RAM not upgradeable Speakers lack oomph Bloatware. That’s a shame. Predictably, the small battery translates to limited endurance. Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. It’s not that different from the Pro but will weigh only 2.2 pounds because it’s built with a lighter-than-aluminum alloy called Metal12. The Dell XPS 15, which is smaller than the Samsung, paid for it in heat and noise. This Samsung Notebook 9 Pro review focuses on the 15.”. Our review unit arrived with a 256GB solid state drive. The Notebook 9 Pro’s score is a bit over 20 percent behind its peers. Even Crysis 3 is playable – barely – at 1080p resolution and medium detail. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Even Dell’s XPS 15, which has a black carbon-fiber weave interior, chooses mundane silver metal for its exterior. The pen weighs hardly anything and the included charger is compact. Given its size, the Notebook 9 Pro feels manageable in-hand, and it’s not difficult to pack for a trip. Some Amazon links will take you to the store in or near the country you’re in. The 15″ Notebook 9 Pro is one of the lightest in its class on the market, and the included S pen saves you money on an extra pen purchase. Looking to pump up the jams? It comes in 13.3 and 15″ versions. It’s sharp (though not 4K) with realistic colors and deep blacks. Full system load is a different game. The Asus UX501 didn’t do well in this test, either, as it scored 400:1, but the Dell XPS 15 and Acer Aspire V15 scored 640:1 and 690:1, respectively. Reg. The Notebook 9 Pro can readily handle Counter Strike: GO and Heroes of the Storm, averaging above 60 frames per second at maximum detail. I’ve gotten something resembling barrel roll with some apps using the S Pen, but I don’t think this is a feature intended to create designs the way it was in the old Wacom Art Pen for Cintiqs. We do not receive payment or merchandise in exchange for the reviews. The machine boots up really fast, and it’s fast and responsive; I didn’t get any annoying blue circles as can happen on lower-power computers even with undemanding tasks. You can charge it with a portable battery charger (not included) via the USB-C port. Compared to these alternatives, the Notebook 9 Pro’s $1,400 price tag is affordable. The only somewhat anomalous result is the Handbrake test, where the Samsung is quicker than all its competitors by a noticeable margin. An overly bright backlight is only useful for showing off to friends. Its two hinges let you pose it into laptop/tent/stand/tablet.The hinges are sturdy and hold the positions without making the screen wiggle. You can see what’s ahead for Samsung’s new lineup. They don’t have much bass or oomph. Lenovo Yoga 9i 15: Maybe the fastest 2-in-1 you can buy, Best Buy Black Friday Laptop deals 2020: gaming laptops and 2-in-1s, Best Buy laptop deals: The best offers for November 2020, Lenovo Yoga 7i Review: Too many compromises to be great, Mac Mini Price slashed to new low at B&H Photo for Black Friday, Latest Apple iMac prices slashed at Amazon for Black Friday, The latest MacBook Air is $100 off at Adorama for Black Friday, Save up to $32 on Apple MagSafe 2 power cables at Amazon for Black Friday, Dell laptops discounted for Black Friday — save up to $500, Apple Magic Keyboard price slashed at Amazon for Black Friday, Amazon slashes price of Surface Pro X for Black Friday, Save a massive $300 on the Dell XPS 15 for Black Friday. While the drive’s size is respectable, it’s a bit behind the Asus Zenbook Pro UX501, which had a 512GB drive. The speakers are better than most laptops we’ve reviewed in the past year. Lines come out fluidly, almost like ink. Palm rejection works fine. Samsung’s Notebook 9 Pro is comforting. Compare that with the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which costs $1,499 for similar specs.The only other Notebook 9 Pro model costs $1,299 and packs a beefier 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. It’s glossy but not overly slippery or glarey and doesn’t attract a lot of fingerprints. What art directors look for in an ILLUSTRATION PORTFOLIO, Huion 610Pro v2 review: low-cost graphics tablet with tilt. It warmed to a toasty 121.4 degrees and roared at 51.3 decibels. The system is as at home on your couch as in the boardroom, and it has the versatility to tackle a wide range of tasks, from heavy video editing, to writing, to gaming. It would be nice if they had more travel. The MacBook Pro 15 starts at $2,000, and $2,500 if a discrete GPU is desired. The laptop feels as stiff as a granite slate. Most who penned a Samsung Notebook 9 Pro review were very satisfied. iPad Pro review: the Pencil is mightier than the stylus, Samsung Notebook 9 Pro Review, S Pen included. There are some affiliate links to other programs as well. A similar Dell XPS 15 is $2,130 – though that figure is a bit inflated because Dell’s 4K display is only an option with a certain configuration, and the Dell has the faster GTX 960. The 15″ Notebook 9 Pro has a 2GB dedicated graphics chip that’s about half again as fast as the 13’s integrated chip. The touchpad doesn’t live up to the keyboard, but it’s not bad. It’s sort of a premade way for young Makers to assemble a quick monster or robot. 2-in-1, nondetachable Runs: Windows, comes with Windows 10 Home and Creator Update, Wacom EMR, S Pen, 4096 levels, tilt sensitivity Uses Windows Ink, Comes in 13.3″ and 15″ Nondetachable keyboard 360-degree hinge 8th-gen Intel i7 processor (on Best Buy model, only on the 15″) The 13 also has an i5 version. Some praised the color quality as well as speed. The “HDR On” mode has a modest negative effect, slightly degrading color accuracy and contrast compared to the normal mode.