“The culprits of New-York, pickpockets. Feb 19, 2013 - Real historical figures conduct themselves in a disgraceful manner for your interest and amusement. Left: Sixth-plate ambrotype of John Jordan, dated January 15, 1858. Read later ... at the elegant Colnaghi Gallery in New York, thieves smashed a skylight and rappelled down four stories, before snatching 19 paintings worth more than US$6 million, including a Fra Angelico and a Tintoretto. Scroll to continue Share Back. Missouri Historical Society Collections. 1K likes. Warner, Ray Walker. With Frank Jenks, Robin Raymond, H.B. The city’s nascent police force began taking photographs of criminals as early as 1857. Rogues Gallery 19 Oct 2020 Lyme literate child abuser disciplined twice by LymeScience Editor | posted in: Rogues Gallery | 0 . One more thing that appears to have gotten its start in New York? Nailed by Canadian authorities during the Banana War of the mid-1960’s, these top Bonanno members are lined up during the arrests for rogues gallery photo’s. Directed by Albert Herman. Rogues’ gallery. Libertines, Lotharios and Complete Bastards. Posts Tagged ‘Rogues Gallery NYPD’ The NYPD’s pioneering 19th century mugshots May 26, 2014. Charles Ray Jones, MD is a long time quack who is notorious for abusing children with dangerous long-term antibiotics regimens. Right: Back of the ambrotype describing Jordan as a 25-year-old bagman and whorehouse pimp. Reporter Patsy Reynolds (Robin Raymond) and photographer Eddie Porter (Frank Jenks)are assigned to interview John Foster (Davison Clark), head of the Emmerson Foundadtion regarding a listening device the organization is working on. See more ideas about rogues, historical figures, gallery. Color scans of John Jordan image in the St. Louis Rogues' Gallery Collection. Rogues Gallery. Praise for Rogues' Gallery “Gross demonstrates he knows his stuff. The mugshot.