Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by BWV548, Jul 11, 2017. Let us help you find the PRS … You need a quote from your dealer. As a Paul Reed Smith Signature Dealer, we stock the finest selection of PRS Guitars including S2, Core, Artist Package, Wood Library, Private Stock, and Limited Editions. I ran into several folks like that around 2009-10 or so. We handpicked the woods used in this instrument at the factory, and were inspired by the Special Semi-Hollows versatility to create a guitar with a finish as … For more info read on or vist the PRS Guitars Dragon website. PRS seems to be trying to bridge the gap between a custom shop and a production shop. The Private Stock Super Eagle II will be limited to 120 instruments. PRS maintains a list of each upcharge. Custom Private Stock Cost Estimation Methodology? Taking woods from Paul's personal stash, a small team of senior craftsmen led by Paul Miles build these incredible works of art. This is a gorgeous PRS Private Stock Special Semi-Hollow with a Raspberry Dragons Breath finish over a curly maple top! In conjunction with PRS, The Guitar Sanctuary presents our Private Stock Quote Form. BWV548 Custom Title. The took a hit in the stock market, sold out in a panic (mistake 1) and decided to "invest" the proceeds (and their continuing cash flow) in a new Private Stock or equivalent from another maker MONTHLY. PRS Guitars Production Guitars @ Handmade Prices . PRS GUITARS PRESS RELEASE: PRS Guitars has announced the launch of the PRS Private Stock 30th Anniversary Dragon model - the latest in a line of highly exclusive limited edition instruments produced by … PRS Guitars based in Maryland and founded in 1985 by Paul Reed Smith has built up a great reputation for their high-end, quality electric guitars and are widely known for their custom shop designs and configurations. If you find yourself in our fair city, please stop by and try this out for yourself! PRS has shot themselves in the foot They came out with so many new models for 2008 it no longer makes sense to stock as many as we stocked in past years. The PRS Private Stock program is the ultimate in custom guitar design. The resulting instrument embodies the PRS Private Stock culture of meticulous workmanship as well as Mayer’s keen eye for playability, tone, and detail. PRS Private Stock represents the highest quality of materials, the most personally crafted instruments, and the greatest level of customization available from PRS and designed and built to deliver heirloom quality. PRS. Some can afford it, others not. Unless you're the dealer or his brother, you will never know the dealer cost. These woods are hand selected by the dealer and was carefully conceived and built with a one-off mentality. Some made it a point to "invest" in high end guitars.