IMHO the 58/15 was born to serve classic rock genre but with addition of heights, controlled-mids, and string clarity. Joined: Mar 14, 2015 Messages: 552 Likes Received: 881. Mine all measure 7.6 - 7.7 range, neck and bridge. Do you … 60. The 57/08 and 59/09 are low output options that PRS does sell to the public. Boogie Zombie Two, DFZ. 2014. SteveT New Member. I am particularly fond of the vintage sound of the 58/15 LT pickups, which sound warm, sweet, and clear to me. Those of you who have had a chance to hear the difference, how would you say the tone changed in the 245 with this newer pickup? Listing Ended. #14 elvis, Nov 13, 2017. About This Listing. 58/15 S the SE Hollowbodies. I've had my standard hollowbody for a few months now, played with the pickup heights, tried 3 brands of strings (D'Addarios, NYXL and E Ball) and I'm just kind of "meh" about these … Some asking prices are really high. Petrucci and lukather both have boost built into their Sig guitars. Joined: Feb 8, 2016 Messages: 2 Likes Received: 0. Official PRS Guitars Forum. I hear that the S versions are very close in terms of sound to the us made ones. BeerBatteredPhish New Member. Forums > Guitars and Amplifiers > Electric Instruments > 57/08 vs 58/15 in the sc245. Shipped From. If you watch the listing, we'll notify you if it becomes available again. Sales. Message Seller. Quick Shipper. Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by SteveT, Feb 10, 2016. The specs on the 58/15 LT are way off in that chart. To my ears, they are equally good for clean tones and distortion. 30+ Joined Reverb. Hackensack, NJ, United States. Payment & Returns. In my experience, a medium output pickup with great character like a 58/15 sounds great clean and with moderate drive, adding a boost that can tighten the lows and push the amp gives excellent results for high gain. And, as I experienced many PRS guitars with 57/08s before, I can say definitely that the newer 58/15 sounds brighter, clearer, and better cutting-through. I recently got a great deal on a used 2013 PRS SC245, which I am also enjoying. $534.99. PRS 58/15 Pickups. I personally prefer these 58/15 over 57/08, but that's just my taste. Excellent. Re: Prs 85/15 S pickups I really think the difference between the 85/15 and the 58/15 is just an A5 magnet vs an A2 and the cover. Johnny's Used Gear Outlet. My current favorite guitar is my PRS McCarty 594. Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by BeerBatteredPhish, Aug 20, 2020. Message Seller . Paul reached out personally and asked if I would sit down with four of their guitars and do a rundown against some of our favorite pieces in the store. Free Shipping. Watch. Just two other options to consider if you want to stick with PRS pickups. ALEX DESCRIBES THE NEW PRS TCI-TUNED 58/15 LT & LT+ HUMBUCKER PICKUPS. Recently, we were approached by one of our favorite builders, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, with an incredible opportunity. 58/15 pickups can only be obtained in the used market since PRS does not sell them individually like other pickup models. Quick Responder.