In cases where the grout depth exceeds 100 mm (4"), up to 50% by weight addition of 10 mm (3/8") pea gravel may be added. Owl boxes are designed to replicate a cavity in a tree. The following interactive map shows the number of suitable trees which could be used to install owl boxes in the Parkhurst area. Not all of these owl boxes will enjoy annual occupancy, however, the positioning of these boxes will create a net of suitable sites from which owls can pick and choose. The large majority of our occupied owl boxes have taken anything from 2 – 5 years before occupancy occurs. We are able to assist with reducing rodent populations without the use of poison. From these trees, we have mapped 20 “territories” with approximately 500 meters between each site (Map 2). This nest box is filled with pea gravel to provide a substrate that cushions and drains the eggs. It can also be raked. Their presence on your property offers hours of intriguing viewing and entertainment, furthermore they provide an efficient and environmentally friendly means of pest control. The priority boxes are indicated with a green icon on map 2. It is recommended that residents of Parkhurst are urged to contact EcoSolutions when experiencing high rodent infestations. Pea gravel is a very affordable landscaping material. Prices will also vary based on where you buy the gravel. a 100mm layer of 20mm ‘clean’ aggregate) is useful as, once the pellets have been picked up, the droppings can be pressure-washed and will drain down through it. The graph indicates a strong North (45%) or South (36%) preference. Kestrels are often seen perching on telephone wires or hovering over prey in fields. Pea Gravel vs. As a result, these boxes would have a South orientation. Undisturbed is not necessarily a remote tree at the bottom of the garden – owls in urban areas are comfortable with cars, driveways, kids, dogs, and cats. pea gravel substrate testing - Duration: 2:58. Pea gravel is a popular loose aggregate for walkways and driveways. A layer of pea gravel is put into the box that provides a sufficient substrate where the female can make a 'cup' in which she can lay her eggs. Additionally, the service component allows us to seamlessly introduce improved designs, greater expertise and understanding into our programme. In many gardens with North orientated homes, we often place the owl box in the more secluded “back” garden. Since the inception of this programme over 88 000 children have been involved. Pea gravel areas should be well shaded, or the bird should have well shaded areas to move away from this reflected heat. We currently have roughly 60 schools and 15 estates involved in the owl release programme. These are the boxes close to the Braamfontein Spruit as well as school and clinic sites within Parkhurst. Map 2 is interactive and by following the link and clicking on each individual icon, a viewer is able to access the motivation for the placement of that particular owl box. We do not recommend that uptake exceeds the 20 boxes suggested in this proposal. It is the pea gravel substrate within the box. EcoSolutions is actively involved in several educational programmes. It has been established that breeding sites are a limiting factor in the ability for these owl species to maintain populations relative to potential carrying capacities. The thickness of the wood as well as the wood sealant used is designed to give the box an outdoor lifespan of five years. My 125gal has sand substrate and my 10 gal has gravel. This substrate allows owls to form a ”cup” in which to lay their eggs and raise their young. This may account for the lower occupancy percentage as indicated on the graph. Rafael Martos Martins/Shutterstock Buried in Bat Poop Someone should have sent out the bat signal, because this family in Ontario, Canada was in desperate need of help when their attic became a full-time residence for a colony of bats that deposited droppings up to two feet deep in some areas, said bat specialist Stephane Boucher. Alongside is a graph indicating preference percentages for 60 occupied owl boxes. I noticed that the root structure is much better in my gravel tank. Contribute to the health of your lawn while improving its looks with these Vigoro 0.5 cu. ft. Pea Pebbles. ft. for efficient application and are easy to … It became active in 2005 and has been productive ever since. Establishing an orientation preference is still an ongoing undertaking and we are adding data relating to orientation on completion of each owl box service. Hopefully that makes sense? Our owl boxes are constructed from recycled weatherproof plywood and are then sealed with an industrial wood sealant. It can also be used in aggregate concrete. The data that we have collected over the course of this project has allowed us to provide you with a blueprint which ensures that everything that can be done to create a viable owl breeding site, has been done. We very seldom place boxes with the entrance of the box facing away from the house i.e. The majority of houses in the Southern Hemisphere are North facing in order to maximise winter sun and summer shade. Sand. The female will often not return to the box until nightfall and consequently, the chicks are left unprotected from crows, cats and other potential predators of small chicks and eggs. That is the reality of it, you could be waiting for 5 years for occupancy to occur; that is if you experience occupancy at all. It must be stated that in order for us to collect and interpret data collected through this programme, the unoccupied boxes are just as important to our findings as the occupied ones. This would result in the owl house having a North orientation. Forming for Cementitious Grout Placement: When forms are required they should be sturdy, caulked and watertight, oiled and constructed to allow a space of approximately 25 mm (1") around the edge of the base-plate. The most important component in an owl box is not it’s design, it’s colour or even its location. In previous suburb installation sites, it has produced a greater understanding of rodents and rodent related issues.