An all-new technology that brings unreal wireless speed and performance to gaming. I also found myself accidentally pressing the keys far too much, even more than the Cherry MX Reds so I could not get used to them. Learn how your comment data is processed. This can be a huge help towards narrowing down your selection. Operating Force: 60cNPre-travel: 2.2mmTotal travel: 4.0mm. The Cherry MX Green switches are identical to the blue switches. You can feel the shorter travel time so they will offer faster actuation but there is no real way of testing this. In fact they are the stiffest switch out of the four standard Cherry MX mechanical switches. It primarily comes down to personal preference as to which one you will like most. Cherry MX Red Mechanical Switch. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These are exactly the same as the Cherry MX blacks above but much lighter. The reds have an actuation force of 45 cN which is the lightest out of the switches.. So if noise is a deal breaker for you then maybe consider the Cherry MX Whites. Romer-G Linear. His mission is to make GamingGem the primary resource for gamers to find accurate and unbiased reviews on the latest gaming and tech gear. This was something I did a lot with my first board that had Cherry MX reds. ‘Tactile non-clicky switches’, what does that mean? I am not going cover all these switches here as there are literally hundreds and they are much more difficult to acquire. The green switches are a little harder to get your hands on too so you might be restricted in the keyboards you can buy. The Cherry MX Clear switches are very similar to the browns except they have a higher actuation force (65 cN) and a more prominent bump. An explanation of the Apex Pro's groundbreaking OmniPoint adjustable mechanical switches. Let us have a look at some of the switches in more detail to help you decide. This is primarily personal preference but I would advise the blues unless you are sure that you prefer heavier switches. Yes the Zealios v2 67g are the switches I am currently using in my custom board they are a great tactile option. I came a cross a keyboard I am very interested in buying and they offer Red, Blue, or Brown, on the particular model I am looking at, and after reading your guide, you have saved me from getting the wrong ones (Blue). The Cherry MX brown has ranked number 1 in /r/MechanicalKeyboards polls on numerous occasions thanks to its availability. 45gf. SteelSeries members get exclusive access to specialproducts and offers. In recent years they have actually grown in popularity significantly and manufacturers are starting to notice this. Some people enjoy the tactile click but others don’t like the fact that the release point is above the actuation point. There are better tactile switches available to custom mechanical keyboards but these are not widely available unless you build the keyboard yourself. Why the TrueMove Pro Sensor is the greatest sensor available, and why that matters. Great guide! The reds have an actuation force of 45 cN which is the lightest out of the switches. The former is a tactile 60g cN actuation force switch with a slight tactile bump. When you press a mechanical switch down, before the switch reaches the bottom it might have a small notch in the key design. Sometimes they can be used by those that find Cherry blacks to be too light so they opt for the greys which are a little heavier. By softest I mean they glide straight down and feel smooth as you press them. However, many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts use bespoke switches that are based off the Cherry MX switch design but offer a better typing experience.