The recall includes corn dogs sold under the names Morningstar Farms, Loma Linda and Natural Touch. It would not surprise me if this was related to the recall I posted earlier. MorningStar Farms vegan corn dogs are Kosher Dairy, made with colors and flavors from natural sources, and feature delicious, Non-GMO soy. Advertisement LAB TESTS SHOW MORNINGSTAR FARMS PRODUCTS CONTAIN GENE ALTERED SOY AND ILLEGAL GE CORN . Last week, Greenpeace revealed that an independent laboratory found the StarLink contamination, but Kellogg's refused to follow other food … Perhaps the cost of bringing the “co-manufacturer’s” plant up to standards is too high for their PROFIT needs. Government officials say there is little, if any, health risk for the corn. There is no decent substitute. Morningstar Farms really hit a home run with their vegetarian Corn Dogs. In a history-setting precedent, it was the first-ever recall of a genetically modified food. We wrapped America’s favorite veggie dog with sweet and crispy cornmeal for on-the-go veggie goodness. Maybe we all ought to take their ingredient list and try to concoct our own veggie dogs and start a … *Regular frozen corn dogs contain … For more information and on-line action go to These taste great, and they avoid many of the pitfalls that sink lesser veggie corn dogs. A corn dog also has 450 mg of sodium, so doubling up is not a great idea if you’re trying to watch your sodium levels. I am really pissed. These taste like a wonderful summertime outing. Whether you're seeking a quick and convenient part of a lunch or dinner or a fun food for game time, parties, after school, and more, MorningStar Farms Corn Dogs are sure to delight vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers alike. In Reply to: Re: Worthington foods recall-Unapproved Corn! A nationwide recall of Morningstar Farms meat-free Corn Dogs was announced yesterday by Kellogg’s, after the company acknowledged that the products contained StarLink corn, a variety of gene-altered corn that is not approved for human consumption. STARLINK CORN FOUND IN MORNINGSTAR VEGETARIAN CORN DOG . (how corny) posted by Gregory on March 15, 2001 at 11:20 am: Morningstar Farms Lies to Vegetarians. Around this time last year, we investigated the sudden disappearance of Morningstar Farms’ delicious vegetarian corn dogs and hot dogs from grocery shelves. In early 2000, a Greenpeace scientist urged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to order a nationwide recall of Kellogg's Morningstar Farms brand meatless corn dogs that Greenpeace said contain StarLink corn. Somehow everything tastes better on a stick. Perhaps their “co-manufacturer” is going to make their own dogs.