Discover the meaning of body pains and meaning of sneezes in order to learn more about them. Some say that the moles on our bodies are in reality secret imprints carried over from our previous lives, stamps of some past karmic deed meant to ripen in this life, good as well as bad. Data protection You do not lack for work and are much in demand at social events. A mole found on the base of your neck can sometimes indicate a short life, with the possibility of being highly stressed out. A mole on the stomach signifies one who has everything going for them; your life will be smooth and safe. Moles on Arms Meanings Moles on armpit – A mole on any armpit generally means that the person is good looking, smart and hard working and will be rewarded for his efforts. You will find that you lack the motivation to carry on and will constantly need pushing to get on with your life. The Marquis and Courtesans penciled on beauty spots and moles in the 18th century to affirm their personalities. When the mole is on the left hand, it means money flows out faster than you can make it. Mole on Palm Of Hand - Mostly meaning of mole on right and left hand is same but some ancient palmists said that mole on left side is unlucky and right side mole is lucky but I think this is not true. A mole at the small of the back indicates a lack of ambition, indecisiveness and a general tendency to prevaricate. You will make a very efficient accountant as this mole tells of one who is very good with numbers and at managing money. You will have to endure lots of gossiping and backstabbing in your life if you have this mole. This mole spells love and marriage dilemmas and if it is dark in colour, the portents are even more negative. This mole indicates you need to work very hard but with a good relationship with people. Finding a mole on your behind means a sheltered life blessed with good fortune. Armpits: A mole under the left arm is indicative of great struggle early in life, which is, however, well rewarded. If you have ever wondered what that mole on your neck, back or thigh means, read on. There is plenty of good fortune in doing your own business. This mole indicates you have plenty of friends who will always be there for you. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and Privacy Policy. Bridge of nose: smart and kind hearted. You are honourable and honest when conducting business. You are popular and efficient and your life is one busy challenge after another. Mole Meaning Decrypted: What They Represent On The Face And Body Moles are way more than just a mark on your skin, they are in fact like stars that appear on our faces and bodies. This issue we offer this special feature on moles based on information from the Tung Shu and other Taoist sources. A mole on the left or right elbow represents wealth and success. The man who finds a mole here will be blessed with many children. This person has a tendency to be slovenly and messy. Mole on the top or tip of ear says … Mole on the right arm means the bearer is highly smart and intelligent. A witch’s mark can be an irregular mark on the body said to indicate that a person could be a witch. But you need to take care of your health when you are in your fifties. Men who have a mole at the centre of their back will constantly be plagued by backache. A mole on your buttocks is an excellent indicator of intelligence, wisdom and creativity. Moles and beauty spots have been fashionable since the Roman and Egyptian eras. Either of the arms containing a mole means that the person is good-natured and well-mannered. Lillian Too’s Practical Feng Shui For Modern Living, Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Extravaganza 2021, Your Fortune At Birth Depending On Which Part Of The Yellow Emperor’s Body You Were Born, Personal Grooming To Boost Your Success Luck, Meanings Of Colours To Enhance Your Feng Shui, Nurturing the 8 Aptitudes Just Like the Pa Kua: There Are 8 Sides to Every Person. It is likely you find it difficult to hold on to your job, either because you do not like it, or the job does not like you. But this mole also suggests you have spouse luck, so that is a good indication. If there are other indications of success on your palm or paht chee chart, you could rise to great prominence. For a woman, carrying a mole on her back shoulder signifies one who has to bear the burden of many heavy responsibilities, including having to swallow many indignities in life. 2. Whatever the location of your mole on your body, here’s what it means and implicates for you. General sales conditions On the right hand, some say this mole attracts a flow of money. Check out your moles and see if the meanings here match yours: 1. I have 2 red moles on my stomach area, they remind me of planets I call them venus and Jupiter. We reveal everything you must know. Everything will move smoothly in your life and there are also unexpected windfalls. This mole signifies a person who can be rather heartless. This is probably because you are likely to hold a high position with responsibilities to match. Moles and beauty spots form an important slice of our physical appearance as well … Remember to take a deep breath each time you feel unbearably pressured by your loved ones. A mole here implies a marriage that could have unfortunate circumstances. Moles on arms – a mole on either of arm indicates that the person is courteous and good mannered. Moles on Arm. The smaller the mole, the better, but it should be dark and clearly visible. You will enjoy good relationships with most people. Please check the fields below and click the OK button. Mostly a mole would determine a personality trait of a person, so you can also easily guess the character of someone you just met, especially if the location is on area of exposed skin.