Since Harry can't speak much German at the start, the course features copious amounts of both English and German, with the latter increasing as you advance through the series, and does a decent job of looking at learning German from a foreigner's perspective (as Harry himself puts it: "German isn't a language, German is a secret code!"). I really like this quality in a teacher, but some might find her to be a bit too dry. The premise is that he (and by extension the viewer) needs to learn German to navigate his way around Germany and find his way out of the time warp (encompassed by the slogan "Helft Harry - Lernt Deutsch" at the end of every episode). It explains all of the grammar, culture notes, plus a lot of reading practices, and listening comprehension. I tend to zone out if I don't understand half the words in a sentence, especially for compound sentences consisting of multiple clauses. Does German sound cool but is too difficult to learn? You can find it here. Babbel - Learn German gives you distinct advatages over all other learn languages online courses. Creating an account saves your progress and gives you access to some extra goodies like the exercises (4 per episode) and regional information (1 per episode). My progress and daily routine: As of this writing I am in Unit 11 of A2. GermanFor EnglishSpeakers, I don't like that site. She'll definitely help you develop your German... and your patience. I didn't like Duolingo's German course. Kindle ePub Apple Paperback by André Klein January 30, 2017. Duolingo attempts to gamify language learning and is another popular app. Not strictly a channel for learning German. I think it's a really bad source for grammar. Other than that I totally recommend it. It contains a lot of practical and useful vocabulary for daily life. The SRS is broken, and it still has a lot of errors, and sentences that it doesn't accept. Per day, I typically review all words at all levels it suggests, then do two sessions of "Learn New Words". While it is better than most of their other courses. It is also a place to discuss the language at large and for the kinds of submissions that elaborate on the reasons why we're interested in German, where they're not geographically specific like /r/DE, /r/Austria or /r/Switzerland. It features several languages (and even non-language lists such as Arts & Literature or Math & Science) and consists of official Memrise courses as well as user-made ones (not all languages have an official Memrise course). I have and am currently going through workbooks, I guess I'm looking for something more to supplement it. There’s no structure or anything but it’s a fun way to take a study break while still studying. I will be signing up for level B1 when the app becomes available on 1 October. Even as Harry learns more German, he still speaks with an accent ("Ent-shooool-digooong"). Each episode consists of one or two dialogues in German followed by explanations in English. Link here: Harry also visits many German cities, such as Berlin, Leipzig, and Munich, and there's a section about the German culture for each episode in the DW Flash applet. It's far better than Duolingo. Don't forget to watch my videos on the Accusative Case first, before you take on the challenge of the Dative Case. My progress and daily routine: I used to watch 1 video a day, but eventually stopped at 106 in A2. 7. I think) and draws some connections to both languages. Has anyone tried out her app? Jenny herself speaks flawless English (I believe she is German but has lived in the US for a bit) and some other languages and is very direct and to the point in her explanations. She launched it a few months ago and as much as I love her Youtube videos, I'm hesitant to drop $50+ on it. German grammar worksheets and tutorials. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, /r/German is a community focused on discussion related to learning the German language. Close. Most also feature a grammar overview and some information about the German culture (usually tying into that episode's theme). Unfortunately, Memrise is pretty much limited to vocabulary. I love Jenny’s videos. When you learn German online, your classmates will never know you’re in your PJs. Great review, I recommend Herr Antrim. The content in this series offers you all you'd need to know to pass a Level A1 German language test. I have been using German with Jenny for over 4 years. I will be signing up for level B1 when the app becomes available on 1 October. You can find the trailer here. Language level A1 is the lowest level of proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Übersetze die Sätze danach in deine Muttersprache. Unfortunately, despite this, she doesn't really draw too many connections between English and German. Text only, no exercises. A lot of people miss that content & it has a lot of great info. Free German ebooks and some audio books. He ends up losing his bag (with his passport, phone, and aunt's address) at the airport, but is helped by a little girl and her aunt. However, Goethe Institut has many more resources besides this app as well. Harry is a Flash course about a man named Harry from the fictional country of Traponia (which seems to be somewhere between Cuba and Florida... maybe Key West?) The German learning adventure continues! Join Dino & Elisabeth on a strange quest across the valley basin of Stuttgart and learn about local culture & cuisine along the way. However, I found the story to be subpar compared to Harry and Nicos Weg. +1 for DFE and Katja; that channel has videos covering basically everything related to the German language. ... A quick placement test will tell you what level you should start on with their online German lessons. You are then graded and every unit ends with a vocabulary overview. I remember playing through this game a few years before, while still struggling with, say, A2-B1 level German. Is the Harry course completely free if you create an account? My favourite podcast is Coffee Break German which is actually structured and teaches you about grammar as well as learning the phrases you need to survive. It's more for learning about the German culture, but there is a nice playlist called German for Beginners which is his "Deutsch für Anfänger" series + a 1.5 hour A1 course (I have not seen the latter yet). Also, while she has playlists for every level and the videos are numbered, the order seems to be completely arbitrary. I do like Harrys gefangen in der Zeit. :), Press J to jump to the feed. This Babbel review will show you how easy it is to become educated and learn different languages online with the right tutorial methods. I think DW is great. However, it tends to jump right into the exercises without an example and is pretty buggy (made my phone crash a lot). Ex is a very annoying character with an even more annoying voice, that ends up changing in the second unit. When you learn new words/phrases, you are given an example before being asked questions until you master them. There are so many correct ways to say something, except they only accept it the way they want it. Her approach is mostly "this is the topic" followed by an overwhelming number of example sentences without any regard for whatever your vocabulary level happens to be. I will write a review after I have used the app. It will help you assimilate the language. Go over the the Goethe Institut website and sign up for their E-Library. Magazines, a couple of documentaries, things like that. Just make sure you get the 2014 version (here). There is also an invisible narrator who interacts with Harry (but seemingly no one else), often commenting (snarkily) on the situation and teaching Harry some German (who usually snaps at her) or translating a word for him in a pinch, and the chemistry between the two keeps it entertaining. User account menu. Babbel has taught over 800,000 people to learn a new language. Are you spending your vacation in Germany? "Deutsch: Warum Nicht?" Language Level A1 . Vervollständige die Sätze, indem du die Verben konjugierst. Many thanks, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, /r/German is a community focused on discussion related to learning the German language.