I am not going to tell you yes or no to any food, as I personally don't worry about it myself. The olive oil in it is good for your cholesterol; and chick peas are an excellent source of protein. 1 of 0 Green Salad with Pita Bread & Hummus. I found this meal to me very filling. Pita is great for this recipe because of its unleavened texture. Pita bread is roasted at a sufficiently high temperature (232 ° C), causing the dough to swell rapidly. When removed from the oven, the dough will separate and form like a pocket. The pita bread and hummus was a real treat as this is one of my go to snacks. Pita bread is thin, slightly round or oval. Looking for the Is Pita Bread And Hummus Healthy? Hummus is very healthy. https://www.differencebetween.com/difference-between-pita-and-vs-flatbread Pita bread is often consumed with sauces such as hummus, and taramosalata, to wrap kebabs, gyros, or falafel . Hummus and pita bread have always been my favorite. Pita bread probably has less carbs than some other breads I usally enjoy Roasted red pepper in my Hummus. Best 20 is Pita Bread and Hummus Healthy is among my favorite things to prepare with. Plus it takes a long time to eat. Allrecipes Trusted Brands 2 of 0 Green Salad with Pita Bread & Hummus. I like to warm the pita on a dry fry pan, rip it into long skinny pieces, then dip it into the cold Hummus. My favorite brands of hummus are Sabra, Athenos, and Tribe of the Two Shieks. Just to illustrate John Burgess' point in his second paragraph, I did exactly that when I was an art student on a tight budget. This lunch is so insanely healthy and the pita/hummus combo very filling. I think it is a healthy and delicious treat, so enjoy it. Best 20 is Pita Bread and Hummus Healthy. Combined with the hummus as a paste that brings together the flavor and the texture of the individual ingredients, this is a great and healthy snack / meal! When you need amazing ideas for this recipes, look no more than this listing of 20 ideal recipes to feed a group.