You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one, right? You might do some highlighting streaks for added effect. Style your longish hair in part and ruffle it up, if you fancy. Let it air dry after a good morning’s shower, the whole journey from morning to night will be a treat for you. For the men with long-ish wavy hair, this is a cool hairstyle. Men with growing out long wavy hair and with already full length long hair can adopt this hairstyle easily. Artists, actors and celebrities like Hozier, Dave Grohl, JC Chasez, Owen Wilson, Brad Pitt- are famous for appearing with long wavy hair at times. That will be a cool, laid-back style for busy summer days. Slick up your mane with some products. If you have a beard, this will turn your look into super-handsome one. Bring out the textured look by layering it up. If “styling” is too much for you, then just let it be. Why not experiment with colors when you’ve got long, wavy hair? If you like to keep wavy hair longer, but don’t want it to distract you at work, this style is perfect. Wear your hair like the iconic 1950’s gentlemen with long, billowy curls in front. You may not always look good with a long straight or short curly hair Undercut. This will be a cool hairstyle for you in summer. Men with long wavy hair have the added advantage of having their own natural waves to the hair, which adds more to the look. Let's stay updated! Cut it in asymmetric shape and maybe sport a fade in one side. The taper fade will provide relief from summer heat, a great tradeoff in balanced and healthy summer hairstyle. To style wavy hair, follow these steps: Make sure your hair is … This is a statement hairdo for handsome young men. If you have naturally long, wavy mane of hair and a very little time to maintain right now, just let it hang down loose. Especially when it is medium-long, it works rather well. Foto of how to style wavy hair mens Rough layers up top are styled in an actively chaotic means. From suits to beach shorts, you can rock any article of clothing in this hairdo! Men with growing out long wavy hair and with already full length long hair can adopt this hairstyle easily. This is also an asymmetrical hairstyle for men with long wavy hairstyle. All types of Hair products work well on wavy hair. If your hair grows faster in front, then wavy fringe at the front would be a good hairstyle for you. This look goes great with wavy hair because this hair type adds more personalized textures to it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you have a beard, that will be added a bonus to your look. The bangs are very long and curled, swept to one side, reminding us of the 20s and 30s. You can sport the fringe with strong undercut. The runways have been awash with ’70s styles the last few seasons and the trend … Then, use a hair dryer and vented brush to work the hair backwards into place. Men with long, wavy hair have an added advantage for sporting cooler hairstyles. This will help you to look cool and relieved in the summer heat. Here is a look at some of the most striking variations of black men … You can style the hair with products or just let the wavy mane hang loose, and air dry after shower or a spritz of water. However, long fauxhawks with strong undercut is a rather good hairstyle to sport. Retro hairstyles are never out of fashion. You can rock it with any outfit. A very prominent shave in the bottom and sweeping the hair aside would give a great look. Braid up your long, manly, and wavy hair bottom up and tie that in a bun on top. You can style the hair with products or just let the wavy … If you’ve got a tick mane of shoulder length wavy hair, you’re in luck. By leveraging your hair type, waves can give you natural volume and texture for a unique style. Sport it with the strong part, and you are all set. A very prominent… Either way, it looks great. The best part of having wavy hair is, its weight will hold it down when you will use the product. Today, this cut is a hipster staple. Let the hair down, use some soft hold products to induce some shine on it- and you are good to go. Your beard and long locks are already enough. Wavy Fringe and Taper Fade is a great combination. If your hair is longer and you want a free-flowing look with some movement, a lightweight hair wax or clay can add some structure, volume and texture. The wavy texture adds a layered effect to it. Combover hairstyles are cool. Edgy and asymmetric cuts suit men’s wavy hair like clove. You have to take the required amount of mousse in your hand and apply them all over the head. @2018 - Another good hairstyle for men with hair “not that long”, but on its way to growing out. It is perfect for chilly days, you don’t have to worry about the “aesthetics”, your wavy hair will take care of it with the texture. These wave haircuts bring quantity to the top of the head without looking stocky as well as also strong. Not sure whether you want to keep your long, wavy hair growing or not? If you want a sleek, shiny finish, we recommend a strong, top-rated pomade. For long hair, you can use a hair clip. Bleach your wavy mane. With the Mohawk on top, you can still be stylish. Shoulder length thick hairstyle is pretty cool for men with wavy hair. Quiffs are stylish. You are all set for a busy day. For the bearded pals out there with long hair, it does not take much for you to look handsome. In summer, you can beat the beat the heat and sweaty scalp with the shaved sides. Especially during summer holidays, two-toned hair looks rather good. This way you are all set for both the heat and the style. This wavy hairstyle is for the men with curly hair who are growing their curly hair out to be longer. How about styling it with products or maybe getting a few snips to make it look presentable before any drastic decision. The slick back offers one of the best hairstyles for men with wavy hair. The trick to styling wavy hair for men is having a good product. Fauxhawks are cool. 7 Long & Sexy Comb Over Hairstyles for... 80 Best Man Bun Haircuts for the Stylish... 10 Alluring Long Hairstyles for Teenage Guys in... 5 Long Haircuts for Toddler Boys That Are... 12 Modern Permed Mullet Hairstyles for 2018 –... 15 Unique Man Bun Hairstyles for Asian Men... Mel Gibson Hair Styles Evolution Throughout His Career... 21 Attractive Male Models With Long Hair (2020 List) 2019, Beautiful Men Haircut for Long Face 2018 2019, 25+ Awesome Men Haircut for Square Face 2018 2019. Flow hairstyles suit best in wavy hair. This style gives you a rugged, yet neat look. Hairstyles for men with wavy hair can be incredibly dapper and elegant, as you can see in this example. Sweep your mane back with some hair products, no combing necessary. A retro quaff is always stylish whether you’re wearing formal or informal outfits. College boy hairstyle is a popular throwback from late 90’s to early 2000’s. Fishtail braids might be a little too complicated for men who are new to braiding, but if you can manage a little help from a friend or your stylist and learn how to braid, this is a rather stylish way to wear your long mane of wavy hair. Wavy hair is often associated with handsome and smoldering looks. Retro ’70s Vibes. Subscribe my Newsletter for new blog posts, tips & new photos. At the same time, men who are growing their hair out to be long also deserves some stylish guidance for their potential long mane. You will have the long, wavy hair on top, which you can have in “messy” style with the help of hair products. Coolest Wavy Hairstyles for Black Men Primarily these are curls that tend to move deeper, and as they grow in volume, the waves become more prominent creating a unique and lasting style statement. Tie up your long mane on your back. Apply it in a gently wet hair. This is fashionable, functional and healthy for summer. The Zac Efron. This is also very functional for men as well. Ruffle your wavy long hair up on top, and crop it in the bottom. Part your wavy hair to a side, make a strong undercut fade and line it up top. This will give you comfort and style. If you have a thick, long, and wavy mane of hair, this is an ideal and functional way for you to style your hair. The blunt lines of the height comparison with the bent structure of wavy hair … This wavy hairstyle is for the men with curly hair who are growing their curly hair out to be longer. Another variation of the crop trend for men, this version is all about wavy long hair … Designed and Developed by KodniStudio, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. With the help of your stylist and some products, let your long wavy mop of hair go messy on top. Perfect for semi-casual settings. Sport it with your undying spirit of youth. All Right Reserved. If you are growing your wavy hair out, try it. Your stylish mane won’t distract you by dangling on your face. Men with growing out wavy hair cans sport retro hairstyles while going through the transition of long, billowy hair. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Don’t worry if your hair doesn’t grow “down”. Asymmetric hairstyles are pretty hip right now. Groom your wavy mane in angular shape in one side and sport a strong undercut to the other side.