Understand which angle will be perfect for sharpening their edge and put the knife on the stone with that angle. Some might make your blade even more dull, so it is important to know which ones are the right ones. You can use a fine-grit stone (such as a ceramic stone, which usually comes with knife-sharpening devices) to get an even sharper edge, using the same motion as … Raise it to an angle of 10 to 15-degree. But if you don’t have the sharpening, then you should start off by holding the knife against the stone at a 15° angle. Some people even go to the extent to sharpen their brand new pocket knives to make sure that they have as sharp of a blade as possible. Similarly to the sharping stone, the angle at which you hold your bevel edge is the key to the whole process. Knife Sharpening Techniques. The main tip of knife sharpening is maintaining a constant rise. There are various knife sharpening techniques that you could use to get the job done. Different knives need different sharpening angles. Position the knife. Not every stone or rock can be used as a tool to sharpen your knife. You have to ensure that both sides are sharpened at the same angles. Like a pocket knife, angle varies from 25 to 35 degrees. Place the knife blade flat over the stone. As for a pocket knife, shoot for a 10 to 15-degree angle. Let’s look at some of the commonly used methods. There are some devices you can use to sharpen the knife properly. Typically when using your sharpening steel, you should maintain an angle between 25 to 30 degrees to sharpen a pocket knife Getting the right move is not always about knowledge, it actually about the experience. 1. We have shown you some great ways here to sharpen your pocket knife when you do not have more conventional knife sharpening tools lying around to do it with. This method is quite simple and … Over time your blade will start to dull down after use, a sharpening stone allows you to sharpen the blade of your pocket knife to keep it as sharp as the day that you get it. The angle of the stone will determine how to sharpen a pocket knife razor sharp. You do not have to limit yourself to these solutions either. The Bottom Line on Pocket Knife Sharpening In a Pinch. A stone that will do the job is pretty much any stone with a flat surface, which will enable you to grind your blade across it, in a way and rhythm, explained later on. Just as there are dozens of different ways to sharpen a knife, there are dozens of different sharpening stones. How to sharpen a pocket knife razor sharp using a sharpening stone. Just two things: a sharpening stone and a lubricant. To sharpen a pocket knife you don’t need much. Sharpening stone/whetstones.