You can also ask your hair stylist to thin your hair … In case, you must use the hairbrush, remember to use one with soft, natural bristles to avoid snagging your hair. 1. Repeat this once or twice a week. Banana for Dry Frizzy Hair Remedy. Wash off your hair with shampoo, conditioner and water. A banana, as you might know, is a rich source of many nutrients. Maintain a hairstyle that isn’t too short because it’s easier for humidity to get through shorter hair. Sooo you've decided you want to wear your hair sleek and smooth but the weather says otherwise. 7. Use A Styling Cream And Mousse. After half an hour, loosen your hair and comb it with your … Cutting off the damaged hair will make your hair look healthier and lustrous. The larger the bun, the more natural the curls will look. Help keep your flyaways from popping back up the … This is considered as an excellent way to add the texture to your hair but keep it natural. Use frizz-smoothing hair sheets. It is rich in potassium and thus is capable of not only managing frizzy hair but also in strengthening your hair as it restores the natural … Get your curls trimmed every two months to get rid of split ends. In addition, the natural bristled brush also polishes your hair and makes the hair ends smoother. Apply a moisturizer on your hair to soften it, then divide the hair into 4-8 strands, each of which you should twist into a strip; then make a bun and fix it with hairpins.