Supports microphones weighting: up to 1.7Ibs (800grams) Max Length: 37” inches / 94cm (3’ ft) Compass Boom Arm not included. It's a very handy stand to have on set when you need a longer mic boom or when you want to hang a … It is not included in our best microphone suspension boom arm stands list because of too high cost and low capacity, but it has a nice design and a long enough and very high quality XLR cable. I could add 2 3/32 inches to make the total of 3.35 tolerance for the clamp, but I am not sure of the stability of the monitors if I did that! When you need a longer mic boom, Manfrotto make a great Combi-stand that converts from a 13 foot stand into a 6 foot boom in about 5 seconds. Lower Compass into the desk-insert bushing until it is secure and rotates smoothly in both directions. Newly designed desktop clip: it can be attached to any desk up to 10cm thick and allows your microphone stand to rotate 360°. The complication I'm finding is that everything seems to have the same design - a clamp to attach it to the desk. What are your thoughts? The MBA28 microphone boom arm includes two mounting options: A C-clamp mount for a temporary attachment to a table or desk and a permanently fixed flange option. The table top is about 1 1/2 inches thick. We can drill/bolt the mount to the desk. Unscrew the nut from the desk-insert bushing and insert the bushing into the hole. Check Current Prices DuaFire Microphone Arm Stand K&M 23850 Microphone Suspension Desk Arm. Does anyone know what I can use to mount to the top of my desk with screws so I don’t need a clamp. Reply. The boom arm has a 5/8"-27 mic-clip threading that can accommodate any mic weighing up to five pounds. I eventually found a nice desk, but the desk is 5" thick and the mount supports up to 2.6" (or 3.3" with a hack) in thickness. Hey guys, I purchased an Ergotron 45-245-026 LX Dual Monitor Arm, Side-by-Side for my future desk as I wanted to mount my monitors onto arms. What can I use to attach a clamp boom arm for a mic to a desk? The PDF associated with the arm you linked shows that the arm can be mounted to a post that clamps to the desk (like in the picture you linked) or onto a wall bracket (like this). Obviously as this will be permanent we need a quality arm. Enquiring minds want to know! I … Unfortunately the desk in question has no edge to clamp to. I'm looking for a single monitor arm/mount. The clamp features an internal width of 2.15 inches which is suitable for attaching to the vast majority of desks or workstations. My desk is too thick for a clamp mount but I’m pretty sure the little knob perpendicular to the clamp is to secure the actual arm. AOKEO AK-35 microphone arm stand Max Load: Approx 65oz / 3KG,it can attach your Blue Snowball & Blue Yeti and fits most of the microphones on the market. Moukey 2 PCS C Shape Desk Table Mount Clamp For Microphone Mic Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand Holder with Adjustable Screw, Fits up to 1.97"/5cm Desktop Thickness 4.6 out of 5 … Second to this, it comes with a secure and strong screw-down desk clamp which allows you to attach it to any desk. Michael McClaugherty. Screw the nut onto the bushing from the underside of the desktop until it is tight and secure.