However, there are numerous ways to make a veg sandwich exciting. But, I’m sure that even us Brits will be able to get outside at least a few times, so we will all have a use for these vegetarian picnic recipes, which I’ve gathered together from my own collection, and from some of my favourite food blogs. All of these foods can be made in advance and travel well plus, their flavors get even better over time. This nutritious, easy herbaceous avocado hummus recipe has a beautifully rich taste and smooth texture, thanks to the addition of heart-healthy avocado. Summer Picnic. Pack a picnic basket with summery salads, a classic quiche and other tasty treats. OSP. 04 of 22. Sandwiches and Wraps . Vegetarian Picnic Food Ideas: Garden Salad. Take your party to the great outdoors, whether you're enjoying an open-air concert, a day in the park or a lunch with friends on the back porch. Hummus is a super picnic-friendly food because it makes a great spread for sandwiches and wraps, or an easy, kid-pleasing dip for crackers and cut up vegetable sticks. To make a great garden salad for your picnic, just follow this easy recipe: – Arugula – Baby spinach – Baby leaf lettuce (or any other leafy green lettuce) – Shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese – Diced tomatoes But sometimes a special picnic calls for something a little bit different. To be perfectly honest, I love a tasty sandwich as part of my picnic basket! Grilled Corn Salad. Best Chip Snack Packs . Need some picnic food ideas? These 11 picnic food ideas are perfectly portable - to make your picnic feel really special! We've put together some fabulous al fresco feasts to enjoy in the great outdoors. A nice, healthy, wholesome salad is always a great choice for vegetarian picnics. Over the years I’ve really upped my picnic food game and below are just a few of my favorite vegetarian picnic recipes. I have to admit that the sandwich feels a bit boring in comparison to the other items on this list.