Revisit your own lecture and see if there is anything you’d like to adjust. As I said earlier, I am a bird, therefore people are birds, and the world makes the same amount of sense as a fresh splatter of bird shit on the sidewalk. Sorry, those would be horrible thoughts for a toddler. You’ve looked at an empty page for minutes on end, not knowing where to start. Elmo has one messed up world. Second, what does that say about you? I got used to this bird eat bird world when I was little. 7 Creative Writing Prompts for ESL Students Inspired by America’s National Parks, Colorful English Words for Irresistible Women, Advanced English Vocabulary at the Blessing of the Animals, Friday Feeling : Writing Prompt – Keemiya Creatives. Life sucks for birds, some days. If you’re stuck, take your writing journal to a local park or a city square. Skip it, and move on to another one! I didn’t believe me. You feel happy. Advertisement. Each day is an egg. Funny how they don’t specify on those packages that the chicken never saw the outside light. The world is one happy piece of crap. They each have typical ways of speaking, typical vocabulary they might use. As I said you never know what kind of day it will be. Pigeons truly are “chicken-brained,” I don’t blame them for being content with their stupidity, I wouldn’t want to know if I was eating monkey fetus. Not awesome as in “new pair of shades,” but awesome as in, “a bird just gave birth to an elephant.”  That kind of awesome. First, why have you grown to hate your local bird population? You really know English! The Forest – Creative Writing just from $13,9 / page. As in Writing Prompt 2, this prompt encourages you to think about the specific style that a lecture might have. This creative writing topic aims to get you thinking that way in English. What words and events do you emphasize when you’re “performing” your ballad? minstrel = a musician or singer in the Middle Ages, preconception = an idea that you form about something before you fully explore it; a prejudice, despise someone/something = to dislike and have no respect for someone/something, Looking for Topics to Write About? You probably didn’t because it didn’t actually happen. Not very awesome. That’s only if you like dinosaurs. For an extra challenge, I dare you to put on a pair of tights and recite your ballad to an English-speaking friend. Join our email family to learn the vocabulary that native speakers don't expect you to know. Join our email family to learn the vocabulary that native speakers don't expect you to know. I love adventure stories and the discoveries people make on long treks through unusual terrains. That probably stems to the idea of cannibalism. Free-Range, Organic, Cage Free. Let me help you with my free weekly lessons. A year is like birds. Birds are wonderful, quirky creatures, and if they inspire you with any more creative writing ideas, please share with us in the comments! Your monologue can be thoughtful, comedic, frightened, proud, approving, or disapproving. This writing prompt challenges you to use the thesaurus to help yourself make a list of at least 20 adjectives that could describe feathers. Oftentimes, ordinary thoughts like that can be great starting points for developing creative writing ideas! What actually happens is just bird shit. Takes notes on the paragraph length, the structure of the article, and any words you notice. Mountains are rooted to the ground. Then, I ask you to choose five of those adjectives and use them in a poem about a mountain. Each of these writing prompts is designed to help you stretch your mind and master the English language! You know what’s crazy, is that during the oil spill, the birds ancestors, the dinosaurs, killed the birds with their decomposed fossil fuel! This could also be an exercise in empathy. Related: 6 Synonyms for ‘Celebrate’ in English. From each egg you don’t know what kind of bird is going to hatch. ( Log Out /  Think about it in your native language first before you begin writing. This writing prompt asks you to write a story about being transformed into a bird. The world is stupid. Today could be a “white-throated kingfisher” day, or today’s egg could be scrambled and stuck to the frying pan. We all started with a simple bird template which we decorated any way we liked. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages. And, yes, they're completely free! I tried to make this a writing prompt that could take you in many different directions. get custom paper. No roses, just chips. Have you spent much time with the thesaurus lately? For an extra challenge, after you write your article, go and read some articles like this in English. But I’m sure you’ve had the same experience I’ve had. 7 Creative…, ESL Writing Prompts Inspired by Game of Thrones, The Word GET in English: A Comprehensive Exam for…, Your 'Celebrate' Thesaurus: 6 Joyful 'Celebrate'…, 10 Dumb Synonyms: Different Words for Stupid Ideas, Love Words in English, Part 7: Advanced English…. If I am a bird I can sing my own songs, that I make up in my bird brain and sing them from the branches of the world. I know you can imitate the tone of a magazine article like this in your native language. It might be a double standard. A year is like birds. Thanks. No one believed me. You might choose to write from the point of view of a likeable character, but you might also find it interesting to write from the point of view of someone unlikeable. People called minstrels used to perform ballads in the Middle Ages. If I were a bird. As I said, birds always get the short end of the branch. Perhaps you discover that one of your adjectives has multiple definitions, and you use one of its other definitions in your poem. This enables them to be functional members of society. Talk about a great way to avenge your death. Focus more on the story that unfolds in your ballad. Change ). They're fun. The lake had been hardened by the sharp cold blitz of an icy frost. Unless… do mockingbirds cite what they sing. How about a security guard telling someone to leave the premises? Tags: creative writing, poem about bird, poems by children, poems by kids. You will get exclusive lessons every Tuesday + a free gift!). Except it does. Life sucks for me, some days. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Someone feels like shit. Take notes on how the speaker delivers their lecture. No citation needed. It’s probably pretty easy for you to change your voice and your vocabulary to imitate these different types of people in your native language. In this writing prompt, I ask you to write a ballad. In fact, I would go so far to say that they are more functional in society then the average human being. It would be a bad idea to feed eggs to birds. Be sure to know it had a great time eating berries and shitting on your car. But I bet that’s much harder for you to do in English. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. No, they probably don’t. Creative Writing Ideas : Word Birds. Words are the sword that the birds can’t use. Maybe I’m a pigeon and I can peck morsels of Doritos from the sidewalk cracks. A bird might have trusted my statement for a minute, but even a bird brain is smarter than a  lie. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. When you join our email family, you will also receive occasional marketing emails, but I will never spam you or sell your information, ever. As you respond to this creative writing prompt, think about two things. A snob? Be creative, and stretch your mind! You’ll Need. The imagination is one of the most underused tools in language learning, but it can help you progress in your English journey by leaps and bounds. I would sing and chirp. Are you learning English? My goal with this writing prompt is to help you practice playing with words. With 10 writing prompts to choose from, hopefully one of them will be the creative writing idea that you need today. Your story was very pleasant reading, enhanced by explaining how it came about. Most days, it’s “bird birthing cockroach” awesome. by Avi Hoen (’15) I’m sorry for blowing your mind in depressing amazement. If you don’t like one of these writing prompts, that’s ok. Blue Jays can’t say great words like “hootenanny,” “cautious” or my personal favorite “cooties.”  Despite birds not speaking words, they communicate in their ways. Literature is filled with stories of people who transform into animals. But know that some bird out there had an amazing day. Most of us have memories of sneaking away to do something we weren’t supposed to do at some point in our lives. As Peter Griffin agrees, “the bird is the word.”  I’m not sure if this has any relevancy to birds and the world, but words are also the world. Damn. Not very awesome. In this post, I share 10 creative writing ideas to get you started, all inspired by birds!