According to Evra (2004) even though children and adolescents with less access are exposed to fewer harmful messages and information they miss more positive and all of the advantages that computer use can bestow for either information, academic or for entertainment. Double Bay and Redfern are suburbs of Sidney with different socioeconomic conditions. Generally, educated parents unlike uneducated ones help in identification and nurturing of their children talents and abilities thereby raising their possibility of success later in life. Teachers are therefore able to pay more attention to a child’s educational, social and emotional needs than in congested schools where teachers are weighed down by the high number of students and pupils. Ronaldo was the youngest child among four children; others being a … The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. If you were to devote one year of service to a volunteer project, what would it be, and what would you hope to accomplish. His father was a gardener with the municipality while his mother worked as a cook. Growth, maturation, and physical activity. Anderson and Looney (2002) point out that access to resources or policy interventions directed to children and their environments can reduce environmental risks and promote positive outcomes. The effects of growing up in poverty are significant. The ways we are parented contributes to the development of particular values, strengths and behaviours. IvyPanda. Rawlings-Way, C. (2010). Reasons for a how a person acts, behaves, and thinks can be traced back to their childhood circumstances and environment. Ricci, S., & Kyle, T. (2008). In a great way it also determines who they marry later in life and thus the kind families they raise. New York: Cengage Learning. Sometimes we use the same word e.g. Parents Unaware of Young Kids' Smartphone Use: Study, Too Much 'Screen Time' Could Slow Your Toddler's Language Skills: Study, Many Parents Delay Telling Kids About Inappropriate Touching: Poll, Mom's Purse May Hold Hidden Dangers for Kids, Want Your Kids to Eat Veggies? The task has explored the role of parenthood in the formation of a child growing in different socioeconomic circumstances. IvyPanda. Whereas those growing up in affluent families like in Double Bay where TVs, computers and other electronic and print media is available, accessible and affordable may benefit from programs designed purposely for intellectual and social growth and development of the children those growing up in poor families in Redfern lack such an opportunity. At the family level a child embraces beliefs and values espoused by the elder family members beginning with his or her parents. New York: John Wiley and Sons. Your privacy is extremely important to us. Certainly, there is no one particular social institution that can be said to be the sole determinant of how a child grows up in different socioeconomic circumstances. By inheritance their children may inherit their either good or bad socioeconomic status and carry it over to their grandchildren. Parents of children from the rich classes and small family sizes like Double bay are able to monitor each child closely thereby identify their strengths, talents weaknesses and help them accordingly. Different cultures place importance on different values and these are handed down through the generations. Comparatively, Double Pay is a wealthy residential suburb thus its nickname “Double Pay”. In the end these circumstances determine the personality and behavior of an individual as well as their health and socioeconomic status. Starting out I had a complete little The purpose of this task is to discuss how social influences affect outcomes for children growing up in two different socio-economic circumstances in Sydney, that is, in Double Bay and Redfern. June 5, 2020. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. (2004). In the Story of Childhood: Growing up in Modern Britain, author Libby Brooks examines nine case studies in order to form a portrait of what childhood is like in this culture, at this time (Brooks, 2006). Double Bay is found in new South Wales state four kilometers south of Sydney Rawlings-Way (2010). The essence of effective cross cultural communication essay, persuasive writing an essay impacts of social media essay. Cookies Policy, This essay on Social Influences on Children’ Growing Up was written and submitted by your fellow student. Weaker computer capability may also endanger future employment opportunities Evra (2004). Self-motivation and faith is what kept me going. Cultural differences in growing up children. Social Influences on Children' Growing Up. Community public health in policy and practice: a sourcebook. I always kept a close eye on my role models (my parents) and always tried to do anything they did. On the other hand those growing up in poor suburbs like Redfern may lack access necessary resources like social amenities as a result of a discriminative governmental policy. Such students also get adequate exposure to real life activities through educational and picnic trips. Concluding Discussion Early childhood development is crucial to how a person develops later on in life. Lack of access to health care services for instance impacts on the health of the children as they grow up. Under such circumstances responsible parents delegate power and responsibility of regulating what their children consume from the media to those taking care of them. In a nut shell, parents have significant functions to play in children’s physical continued existence, social growth, emotional maturation and cognitive development Damon and Lerner (2006). And even though family beliefs and values that a child adopts from his or her family they are subject to change renouncement along an individual child’s life they inevitably affect social stature and personality later in life. New York: Taylor & Francis. Your Active Preschooler: Could it be ADHD? Education and schooling are certainly important determining factor of the kind of a person an individual grow up to be. On the one hand, growing up is associated with something new and exciting. In the end these circumstances determine the personality and behavior of an individual as well as their health and socioeconomic status. Children who have more easy-going temperaments tend to have a easier time learning to regulate their own emotions as well as to respond to other people's emotions more positively. Growing up and being better than what everyone else said I would be.