... if you haven't got the Bradley cold smoker attachment as yet is also shows how to make one. I smoked 10 lbs of blue cod the other day. I used a cardboard box for a good number of years and it works well. Once the cabinet has reached its temperature, smoke the cod’s roe for 2 hours. "Cold" smoking for 2 1/2 hours at 65* with alder. Rinse and dry completely on kitchen paper. Add applewood bisquettes to the stack of your Bradley Smoker and set to 70°C. Smoked Lingcod by Leah Bowman, Bradley Smoker If you want to punch up the taste and flavors of that Alaska seafood offering for your next big dinner party, simply put your new Bradley Smoker to work with this easy and tasty recipe for fresh lingcod. The membrane will be golden and easy to peel away, leaving a bowl of crumbly, lightly smoked roe. 24 hours later meat has a soft "rubbery" consistency and is ready for the smoker. Set up the Bradley Smoker with the cold smoke attachment and stack filled with Pacific Blend bisquettes, place the cod on a wire rack in the centre of the cabinet, then set to smoke for 2 hours. Cooking, 100*,125* for 1/2 hr,140* 2hrs, 170* 1hr. 1 The bread crusts must be removed before the bread is crumbed. Never tried it before and it was on sale so I said go for it. I used my go to recipe (Kummok) located here here. Immerse the 850g cod loin in the brine in a snug container and leave for 1 hour.