Next we will see each of them in a summarized way. Start with the top of the hedge, then do the sides. After Formative pruning: In winter, just after planting, and for the first two years after planting ; Maintenance pruning: Each summer Let’s start by seeing how and when to prune beech trees. 3. Routinely trimming hedgerows will not only keep them bushy leveling the top of the hedge, work down the side of each plant from top to In it you will see how to cut a beech hedge. When what you have is an already formed hedge, a couple of years old, mid-summer is the best time to prune. By trimming at this time of year the hedge will respond by retaining its leaves through the Winter giving the effective year-round … This way you don’t need a guide to remodel your beech hedge. or bald spots. leave the beech hedgerow looking unattractive. If an isolated specimen is planted it can reach a spectacular size of up to 40 m in height. Let’s see below some of the most common tools that can help you in this task. . state as scraggly bushes or trees. Therefore, in new plants it is advisable to repeat this procedure during the first two winters. It is enough to find the cuts from the previous pruning and cut the new branches at the same level as the old cuts. On the contrary, if we want to let everything it has to grow to grow, it is better to prune it during the winter. This will encourage the plant to generate new shoots in late summer. This will ensure that it doesn’t bleed sap, which attracts insects that could be carrying spores and diseases that … That is why we recommend that small prunings be carried out regularly. 5. Carry out the previous care on a regular basis and you will be saving good money on tools. control the height and width of the hedgerow. Likewise, pruning at the correct time of year allows beech hedge And of course, have no doubts when it comes to picking up a pair of scissors to trim your beech hedges. 4. base of the bud and the upper part is slightly above the bud. For bushier hedges, an The branches that you can consider cutting during pruning are: Ideally, once you’re done pruning your beech tree, you should apply healing paste over the wounds. So be very careful and always try to avoid very severe pruning. Having read these tips, although they are well summarized, I can make sure that at least you do not make big mistakes when growing a beech tree. This translates to a fuller hedge with fewer gaps When the hedge should be pruned depends largely on its age. Although this website is dedicated to plant pruning, we always like to start the articles by listing the ... 2. Tools needed for pruning beech tree and hedge, 5. As you can imagine there are big differences between pruning if it is a tree or a hedge, in addition, pruning is a key point in the latter. However in general, these are the optimum timings for pruning hedges: Deciduous hedges. There are other reasons for homeowners to So that the pruning is not so severe it is best to program it in at least two stages. Don’t forget to put the guides in, or you may not be very happy with the way you’ve turned them once you’re done. Do this on all thick branches (more than 5 cm in diameter). To finish the post, and as we always do on the blog, we have selected a video. even when you’re finished. Having a tidy property is one reason for trimming beech Beech hedges will Finally, if it is hedges that you have neglected for a few years, and what you need is a strong pruning, the best time to do it is winter. . … trimmer may get the job done quicker, but rough-hewed leaves can turn brown and How Do I Propagate A Beech Hedge? September or October – beech (Fagus sylvatica) Cutting hedge shapes. trimmings when you’re done to give the hedgerow a tidy appearance. To develop this post more clearly, we have divided it into two parts. This will encourage How and when to prune beech Hedge (video), Trimming a beech hedge ( You may also be interested in knowing about pruning: As we said before, beech trees are plants that can grow both as trees and also cultivate as hedges. be established. As this is the dormant stage of the plant, once spring arrives it will be ready to respond with vigorous new shoots. However, when trimming beech hedges this hard, it’s best to do the top and one hedgerows. This way daylight will always reach the lower parts of the hedge keeping the growth dense and bushy … Then the ideal is to place some guides (they can be made with threads) so that the cuts follow an even line. Keep in mind that pruning is a process where you are damaging the plant. At that time, trimming beech hedges every summer can begin. Reducing the height and width by half won’t compromise the beech hedgerow. However, when trimming beech hedges … Then, by maintaining regular pruning, you will be making sure that in the future you will not have to carry out harder and more difficult pruning. If you want to extend the useful life of your pruning tools there are some basic care. Let’s start talking about pruning beech hedges. allows light to reach the lower branches and encourages leaf coverage near the For a newly planted beech hedgerow, lightly trim the Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! You will have to choose between one or the other based on several factors, such as age, type of pruning, height of the silver or hedge, etc. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. By the third season, the hedgerow will It is quite easy to find public spaces in the UK with arches and mazes formed from these trees. If you notice that a branch begins to bend under the weight, reduce its size. Do this with a mixture of alcohol and water before you start pruning, and whenever you change from one plant to another. First of all, whenever you are going to prune a hedge, you must be clear about what shape you are going to give it. After finishing the pruning, do a good cleaning, at least if you want your garden to look sparkling. Caring your beech tree. For the first case, in which we want it not to develop too much, it is better to prune during the month of March. Deciduous hedges such as hawthorn and hazel can be trimmed between June and September. Tools needed for pruning beech tree and hedge. And with this we come to the end, I hope it has been helpful for you to take a few minutes to read this post. Left untrimmed, beech hedge plants would return to their natural There are a host of tools that you may need when pruning a beech tree. Firing up the hedge The right time to prune will largely depend on whether you want to control the size of your beech tree or if, on the contrary, you are not interested in controlling its development. side the first winter and the remainder the following winter. How and when to prune beech tree and hedge. Repeat this process during the first two winters when the plant is For neglected and overgrown hedgerows, hard pruning should In Early August. When to clip your mature beech hedge: A light clipping twice a year is all that's needed: In Early June. branches and leaves to grow. branch is near a bud. produce a flush of new leaves in response to the trimming. The ideal when talking about beech pruning is to start doing it when the tree is small. of August (Northern Hemisphere) is the best time to prune. For neglected and overgrown hedgerows, hard pruning should be reserved for winter months when the plants are dormant.