All Right Reserved. The CM67 has an ultra-smooth natural rise above 10khz and is a favorite for group vocals and singers who want a very detailed sound. A thick and pleasing low midrange presence that just sounds like a record. Again, I believe a pair over a drum set or in a Glyn Johns setup [Tape Op#109] would sound great on a number of projects. Advanced Audio’s AK67 capsule is a very accurate 35mm capsule with 6-micron German mylar diaphragms. Referencing the test recordings mentioned above, I decided to use the CM67se on guitar and the CM251 on vocal with both mics in the figure-8 position. The snare was present and had a lot of smack. While I expected the mic to not suit her voice as Sara often sings in her higher register, I was surprised how much I liked the CM67se. Later, when Sara and I decided we didn't have the lead vocal we wanted for the song, I thought I might get a more interesting take by having her play acoustic guitar while singing the lead. They come with nine polar pattern power supplies, shock mounts, multi-pin XLR cables, foam windscreens, and a nice case to hold each mic system. I do feel like I should point out a couple of minor negatives. For the mix, the egg shaker and caxixi (a Brazilian basket shaker with a hard leather bottom) both sounded better with the CM251, but the tambourine was perfect with the CM67se. I was playing an Ibanez Artist through a Vox AC15 and had both mics on the amp's 12-inch speaker, about an inch from the center dust cap and maybe two inches off the grill cloth. His student, 15-year old Adrian Mendez, was singing the part. In audio, we're lucky to have a handful of obsessive experts on specific, niche topics; Stewart Tavener is one of these people. The D6 is the newest member of Audix's D series of microphones, which are intended mainly for use on drums and percussion. The slightly soft midrange of the mic didn't bring out a lot of the tom's tone, however. Toms sounded much fuller and present due to the low mid bump in the mic. I used both mics, panned hard and effected for the chorus vocal. On a session where two different singers (Jeff Walker and Aaron Hinkle) sang the same song, there was a clear case of one mic sounding great and the other sounding totally wrong, and when the singers switched, so did the mic. The CM67se on guitar (a Gibson J-15) brought more of the woody sound out. Next up were some client sessions where I tried to utilize both mics whenever possible. He has a vintage ELA M 251 that I've listened to on records by Richard Thompson, Los Lobos, Suzanne Vega, and many other others. I was able to compress and ride the vocal and use effects without messing with the present guitar sound. I had an interesting session for a local composer, Chad Tallon, who'd done a modern version of The Jungle Book for an amusement park in Thailand. I had singer/songwriter Sara Quah come to the studio to do some acoustic guitar and vocal experiments. You should really try it." He put a JZ Microphones... Audio-Technica has just released a microphone that I've been waiting on for years. He's the owner of Audio Upgrades,... Vintage King co-founder Michael Nehra shares some of his love, knowledge, and practical advice for diving into the world of vintage audio gear, and then takes us behind the scenes for a walk through... Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy of Spectra Sonics, a legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive. [email protected] Shipping Due to the boutique nature of our microphones, each one spends some time on the bench. Audio-Technica makes several excellent small-diaphragm... Russian microphone manufacturer Oktava has been around since the 1950s. The transformer will deliver +14dBu with less than .5% distortion and with a flat response down to 20Hz. If you are not familiar with what Advanced Audio does, their mics are not meant to be exact clones but meant to be influenced by and based on classics models. He needed the lead character's songs done before he went to Chicago to record the rest of the cast. Upon sending him the mix he asked to hear the other mic on the lead. This microphone captures a beautiful smooth tone from top to bottom. She liked the CM67se because of the way it complemented the lower register of her voice. The included shock mounts, though quite sturdy, have the tightening screws in awkward spots and are a bit of a hassle to adjust. A large-format dynamic with a cardioid polar pattern, the D6 is designed for... At last year's TapeOpCon, I found myself loitering at the Audio-Technica table, chewing the fat with affable A-T Marketing Director Gary Boss. I set both mics in figure-8 and placed them where the guitar null was toward the vocal and vice versa. Build your 100k Analog Studio with Advanced Audio CM251 and CM67se from Mix Magazine Wes Maebe designed a $100,000 analog studio this past month for Mix Magazine, and low and behold, he has gone with some of AA's finest for his condenser mic choices. European Clients Advanced Audio Microphones Europe take care of ALL European sales and warranty. I was able to start using the mics in testing situations before having them on client sessions. On the mix, I rode the side mic channels to spread and narrow the sound to great effect. The CM67se gave me more of a full picture of the drum set. Burl Audio, under the direction of owner/designer Rich Williams, has developed some of the best new recording equipment over the last eight years. The Advanced Audio CM251 and CM67se are both large diaphragm tube condenser mics. Both mics handled pick attack and tonal variations nicely. These are minor issues that are being addressed in future production runs, so they shouldn't dissuade anyone from using these fantastic sounding microphones. Both sounds worked well with the production, and the deep nulls of the figure-8 pattern left me enough room for mix placement. The high-end rise and quick articulation of the edge terminated CK12 capsule reacted exactly as you would want to hear for her style of singing. "Advanced Audio has nailed the CM251 dead on! This approach allows for cost-effective production as well as tweaking the system for modern performance. I immediately thought this was a very nice touch and showed forethought. I just hit record and played for a while at various tempos, dynamic levels, and styles. Their mic preamps, summing amps, and control room... Jim Williams: Behind the Gear with Audio Upgrades, Restoring the "Holy Grail of Compressors": Behind the Scenes at the Vintage King Tech Shop, From WWII Planes to Stax Consoles: Behind the Gear with Bill Cheney & the History of Spectra Sonics, Rich Williams: Behind the Gear with Burl Audio. The differences in midrange color and presence give the illusion of the CM251 sounding softer when the meters match. I don't think that is an issue if you were using tom mics in a rock, pop, soul, or R&B project. The singer with a nasal upper midrange buildup sounded great on the CM251 and not so great on the CM67se while the other singer, with more of a classic rock high tenor sound, was perfect with the CM67se but harsh and piercing on the CM251. They come with nine polar pattern power supplies, shock mounts, multi-pin XLR cables, foam windscreens, and a nice case to hold each mic system. I ended up using both mics, hard panned in the final mix. The CM67 has an ultra-smooth natural rise above 10khz and is a favorite for group vocals and singers who want a very detailed sound. I had to re-glue the felt on one of mounts, but they do hold the mics quite securely and I didn't have a single issue with mechanical noise. The mid (cardioid) was the CM67se and the side (figure-8) was the CM251. I really like both of these microphones and am sad that I need to pack them up and send them back to Canada. I thought I'd have some fun and set the mics up as a mid/side pair on the Leslie speaker. I was interested in the CM251 partly due to my love for records produced by Mitchell Froom. Ecommerce Software by Shopify, 80HZ HP filter switched from the from to microphone body, AK67 1.07"/35mm capsule with 6-micron diaphragms, 9 pick-up patterns selectable from the power supply, Dual bobbin output transformer with Bi-metal laminations (6.5:1 ratio), -10db pad switched from the front of microphone body, Impedance: <200 ohm(load impedance <1.2K), Distortion: 0.5% @ 126dB and 136db with pad engaged.