How Universalizing Religions Diffuse By: Asiya Aston Questions? The Islamic religion is based on the teachings of the prophet of Muhammad in their holy book the Quran. The variety in the Christian religion is immense, from the Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches to the Protestant Churches found in Northern Europe and in many portions of the United States. A universal religion may mean the way of life that is acceptable to all people in this world. Universalizing religion. Join now. For example, Christianity can be traced to Christ, Islam can be traced to Muhammad, and Buddhism can be traced to Siddhartha Gautama ("the Buddha"). Add your answer and earn points. Jump to:navigation, search. Log in. MAJOR UNIVERSALIZING RELIGIONS CHRISTIANITY Christianity is the world’s largest religion, with just over 2 billion followers. They usually but not necessarily engage in the activity of proselytism. There are three main branches of Christianity: Roman Catholic, … POD 7 : I can describe sacred spaces from each of the 5 universalizing religions. 2017–2018. Spirituality How long will the footprints on the moon last? In morphological classification of religions, a universalizing religion refers to a religion claiming to know abstract principles and maxims of the interaction of entities in the universe exclusively. POD 6: I can compare the administrative organizations of hierarchical and locally autonomous religions. 2 See answers jrkiehej is waiting for your help. The most popular and the largest universalizing religion is Christianity. “Islam” in English equivalent is Submission and “Muslims” are the Submitters. Answered A universalizing religion ? After the death of Muhhamad (Peace be on him) the muslim faith diffused rapidly throughout the Arabian Peninsula as the Caliphs extended the region of Muslim Universalizing religions can usually be traced to a single founder, a result of the fact that most universalizing religions are younger than ethnic religions. POD 5: I can compare the calendars and holidays of ethnic and universalizing religions. [citation needed] Their calendar is generally based on an important event in founder's life. Islam is the second largest religion, with over 1.5 billion followers. From EverybodyWiki Bios & Wiki. A universalizing religion ? Log in. Ask your question. Join now. How Universalizing Religions Diffuse By: Asiya Aston Questions? Ask your question. 1. jrkiehej jrkiehej 4 minutes ago History High School +5 pts. Diffusion of Islam What are universalizing religions? Followers of Islam are based primarily in the Asia Pacific region and in the Middle East. - 17835271 1.